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Hi, I’m Brianna, a current uni student and aspiring journalist in Sydney, Australia. I enjoy writing about lifestyle, politics, health, LGBTQ+, film, and women’s interest.


Feminism 101 – What does it really mean?

What exactly IS feminism and why are there so many negative stereotypes about feminists? Simply put, it’s a social movement and ideology that fights for political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. The movement has fought for many different causes such as the right for women to vote, the right to work and the… Continue Reading →

To bush or not to bush? It’s a hairy question

Woman holding strawberry over hips (Photo: Timothy Meinberg, Unsplash) The gender wars are playing out in Australia’s parliament, across TV and on social media. The voices are loud and the positions are entrenched. But let’s not beat around the bush. There’s one often overlooked area that also needs litigating: body hair. It’s hard to fathom… Continue Reading →

The Indie Groove is the new go-to place for indie music

Talya Jacobson paints the picture of a young Ellen DeGeneres as she laughs with up-and-coming musicians as part of Indie Groove, which took to the Burdekin Hotel stage for its recent launch night. The Indie Groove’s effortless combination of games and questions with live performances feels like a fresh take on Sydney’s indie music scene…. Continue Reading →

Biden triumphs, pledges to ‘restore America’s soul’

President-elect Joe Biden addresses the nation after Pennsylvania secured his victory (Photo: Prachatai Flickr) The chaotic, bitter and frequently surreal Trump era is over. Joseph R Biden Jr will be the 46th president of the United States, after vote-counting in the key battleground of Pennsylvania delivered the Democrats an Electoral College majority. The result early… Continue Reading →

Joe Biden: Looking increasingly like the next US President (Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

Biden edges closer to victory, urges unity

Joe Biden: Looking increasingly like the next US President (Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr) Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has the White House within his sights today after overtaking Donald Trump in the two key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. A win in Pennsylvania alone, where Biden is currently ahead by more than 14,500 votes,… Continue Reading →

Sex workers pivot to walks, virtual encounters

Sex worker Estelle Lucas prepares for a virtual date (Image: supplied) Sex worker Estelle Lucas* has been at the sharp end of Covid-19. The nature of her job means she’s had to drastically rethink how she operates. As the 29-year-old, who is based in Melbourne, explains: “Obviously if sex work is your only source of… Continue Reading →

Eat Your Veggies! – Australia and the Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is growing, and experts are calling it a “system wide” problem with over-processed food dominating our lives. Only three percent of Australians meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommended five serves of vegetables (at 75g per serve, which is about half the weight of a baseball) new ABS data shows. And one in… Continue Reading →

Bully Romances – Not The Power Exchange You Think

Literary experts call romance fiction “a genre where women win” and bully romances are no different. Contrary to the negative schoolyard connotation, the sub-genre has gained increasing popularity over the last few years. Bully is aimed at a large range of women between about 18 and 45 and is often accompanied by a trigger and… Continue Reading →

Top Tips to Remain Sane During the Pandemic

Originally published on Hatch. Although the novel coronavirus is a respiratory based illness, social distancing measures taken to control the virus are wearing on our mental health too, write Brianna O’Rourke and Dinita Rishal. Many people across the nation have taken to expressing the term as ‘physical distancing’ in an effort to highlight that though we may stand… Continue Reading →


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