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Hi, I’m Brianna, a current uni student and aspiring journalist in Sydney, Australia. I enjoy writing about lifestyle, politics, health, LGBTQ+, culture, film, and women’s interest.


Eat Your Veggies! – Australia and the Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is growing, and experts are calling it a “system wide” problem with over-processed food dominating our lives. Only three percent of Australians meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommended five serves of vegetables (at 75g per serve, which is about half the weight of a baseball) new ABS data shows. And one in… Continue Reading →

Bully Romances – Not The Power Exchange You Think

Literary experts call romance fiction “a genre where women win” and bully romances are no different. Contrary to the negative schoolyard connotation, the sub-genre has gained increasing popularity over the last few years. Bully is aimed at a large range of women between about 18 and 45 and is often accompanied by a trigger and… Continue Reading →

Top Tips to Remain Sane During the Pandemic

Originally published on Hatch. Although the novel coronavirus is a respiratory based illness, social distancing measures taken to control the virus are wearing on our mental health too, write Brianna O’Rourke and Dinita Rishal. Many people across the nation have taken to expressing the term as ‘physical distancing’ in an effort to highlight that though we may stand… Continue Reading →

Is Rainbow Capitalism the Villain or Hero of the Gay Pride Story?

Originally published on Hatch Macleay. Rainbow, or pink capitalism has divided the queer community becoming as prevalent as the commercialisation of Christmas. A term that refers to the integration of the LGBTQI movement and sexual diversity to marketing campaigns for commercial gain, it can clearly be seen in the weeks leading up to last weekend’s… Continue Reading →

It’s Like Christmas Just Threw Up in There

Originally published on Hatch. Self-proclaimed head elf Leanne de Smet, 60, is working through her 40th festive season at the Bredbo Christmas Barn with husband Neville. The pair had two permanent locations and several pop-up Christmas stores across Canberra before moving their business to Bredbo, a tiny village south of Canberra on the Monaro Highway in 2005. Thousands… Continue Reading →

Libraries of The Future Are Actually Here – Now!

Originally published on Hatch. Boasting an ideas lab where customers can attend a variety of workshops including coding, robotics, virtual reality and school holiday maker sessions, Sydney’s latest library is a far cry from the dusty old buildings of the past. Located across two floors of the innovative nest-like Exchange at the south end of… Continue Reading →

A Banksy Exhibition Without Banksy?

Originally published on Hatch. A new exhibition on Banksy has come to Sydney and in true fashion is causing controversy over whether or not the secretive street artist is actually involved in it. It’s titled The Art of Banksy An Unauthorised Exhibition but questions remain whether this is just a marketing gimmick to fit in with the artist’s… Continue Reading →

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